Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hustle & Bustle

I've been like a mad poster on Facebook lately. Here is a summary of all the initiatives in which I believe and where your support is needed!

1. The Macy's Believe Challenge Game on Facebook allows you to play a cute little QUICK game that, upon completion, funds Make-A-Wish with $1 per play.
2. The Pepsi Refresh Project allows you to vote for recipients of substantial grants that fund worthy causes. My cause of choice is No Kill Lehigh Valley.

1. For the cost of a stamp, you can fund Make-A-Wish $1 per letter by writing and delivering a letter to Santa via your local Macy's location's mailbox as a part of the Macy's Believe Campaign.
2. For only $5, you get a CD featuring the music of local musicians as a part of Wildflower Benefit Project to benefit Women in Art in PA, an organization fighting against domestic abuse.

1. Contribute to my personal fundraising campaign to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Be sure to select Greater PA and Southern WV when you make your donation so kids right here in the area benefit from your generosity.
2. Help defray costs for the Wish Upon a Par Golf Tournament by sponsoring or co-sponsoring a hole so that ALL proceeds from the event can benefit the Greater PA and Southern WV chapter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Please find it in your heart this holiday season to support one of these very worthy endeavors!

Dream big,

Monday, December 13, 2010

I must get better at this...

If you follow me on Twitter or you're friends with me on Facebook, you are very seriously more updated than if you follow my blog. But that's okay! Good things are happening all around, and I've kept using the excuse that taking the time to sit and blog in detail about the experiences takes too long and I haven't had the time. Well PHOOEY on that and allow me to practice brevity by beginning to use this space for updates that will offer more details than 140 characters will allow yet won't take you twenty minutes to sit and read. Here's a start:

1. I competed in Mrs. Pennsylvania America in November. See my FB page for the photo was a fabulous showing thanks of course to my husband and also to Ms. Sheila Strassburg, but as you can tell, I'm still not Mrs. PA. Therefore...
2. I'm in the process of determining my next competition move NOW. No details yet but there are a few possibilities in the works!
3. The WISH UPON A PAR charity golf tournament to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater PA and Southern WV will now be held at last year's venue, the Center Valley Club, at a reduced rate of $85. Date is still April 30th; time is now 2:00 PM. Contact me NOW to register or sponsor.
4. Click on the Make-A-Wish logo on the right NOW to donate $5 to my local chapter of the Foundation. My goal is to fund a child's wish by the new year!
5. I have fabulous new friends and supporters in the Women in Art in PA and Lehigh Valley Music Awards non-profit organizations. Gloria Domina, the director of both organizations, warmly welcomed me to present awards at the LVMA 12 this year. What a GREAT experience for my entire family!
6. Alfonso Todd of Alfonso Todd & Associates graciously invited me to visit his Internet radio station Prolifick Radio and interviewed me on his show, Urban Exclusives. What a fun time!

...and that's all I have for now. I'll get better at posting updates as they occur rather than lumping them all into one entry every few months, I promise. Maybe I'll make it my New Year's resolution...

Dream big!

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