Sunday, March 3, 2019

NEW WEBSITE! Visit to stay up-to-date!

I’ve noticed a bunch of new views lately on this page, which is just awesome! Thank you so much for your interest in my role as a state titleholder.  

For those who aren’t as familiar with pageantry, there are multiple systems with which to compete. For example, most people are familiar with Miss USA and Miss America. These are two different pageant systems for unmarried women, which means a different woman wears each crown each year.

I cherished my experience as Mrs. Pennsylvania America 2015 and my time at Mrs. America.  It shaped a large part of who I am as I journey forth in pursuit of another title in a different pageant system.

With that said, please check out my new website, to continue following me on my path in pageantry and service. will remain accessible, however, it will no longer be updated.

I also have a new Facebook page! Please take a moment to visit and "like" it.

As always, big thanks to everyone who has ever supported me in any way through all of my endeavors.

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