Thursday, September 25, 2014

A lifetime in three years...the Transitional Post

So the jury is out on exactly which life events are the most stressful, but most lists I Googled included divorce, becoming a parent, moving, marriage, and personal injury/illness.

All of the above--->this girl.

It's (obviously) been a while since I've posted and I had started this post at what I'm guessing was during school's spring break in 2012, then I believe I continued working on it after I crowned Mrs. Pennsylvania United States 2012, Ellie Baker Steenson.  I never finished it, and there's no reason to back-peddle now that so much time has passed and so many life-altering events have occurred.

I toyed around with the idea of starting a completely new blog, but I like the layout and design of this one, and the web address is linked to everything that asks if I have a web address.  I also felt like starting an entirely new blog would lend itself to forgetting my past and what has brought me to this point in my life.  I'm a firm believer that part of moving forward requires looking back, and between poking through this blog in order to figure out what to do with it and the advent of Timehop, it's been a true growth experience to see myself as I was two, three, four, and five years ago.

Revelation #1:  I sort of strongly dislike that person.  Or at least parts of her.

Therefore, I give you this Transitional Post, an idea which I'm unabashedly stealing from Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half, except I am nowhere near as witty and entertaining as she is.

Revelation #2:  I still hide behind self-deprecation--I don't hate that part of me enough to make it go away.

If you have ever taken the time to read my little space on the web or just check it out every once and a while, know that there will be MANY changes forthcoming.  For example, my name has changed, so the title will change.  The web address will change, but will redirect to the new address once I set it up.  I am divorced and remarried, so you will likely see photos of my current husband, Ray, and my stepdaughters, who I will refer to as simply "our daughters" because I love them like my own, or "bonus daughters" when the need for clarification arises.  Since I suffered from never having a relationship with my own birth father, let it be understood that the girls have a positive and loving relationship with us and with their birth mother, and I'm enjoying being a mommy without having had to go through pregnancy, childbirth, and diaper-changing, although I am eagerly anticipating those things when my time for it arises.

If we are connected on social media, then you already know--I have moved to Pennsburg, PA in beautiful Bucks County, but I've left my heart in the Lehigh Valley (fortunately it's still pretty close by).  I am still teaching ZUMBA fitness, and the friends I've made through it have been my lifeline at times through the past three years.  I am dipping my toes in the running/race culture of 5Ks, and it hurts my shins and calves a lot, but I like that we get swag bags for participating and that registration usually supports a worthy cause.  And speaking of worthy causes, I still have a lot about which I care deeply, and I still haven't shut up about them.  I just feebly attempt to be a little more tactful in my approach nowadays.

Revelation #3:  Life is good.  I don't always remember that, but I'm working hard to make sure I do.


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