Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who will be next?

In case you are unaware, part of the reason I am competing to obtain a state title in MRS pageant systems is in order to eventually begin a local MRS competition and crown a successor to my local title. In turn, there are a few reasons I want to start a local; first, as part of the competition, contestants would take part in a signature fundraising event to benefit Operation Smile (yes, that is always at the forefront of my mind!). Second, I want to bring pageantry back to the Lehigh Valley. As a competitor in state competitions, I think to myself how many wonderful, beautiful married women live in the Lehigh area and would so enjoy the opportunity to do what I am doing now. Consider that Bethlehem was the home to the Miss Pennsylvania pageant in the mid-90s and what this did for Historic Bethlehem. The boutiques on Main Street opened for exclusive shopping events with the contestants, who stayed at the Hotel Bethlehem along with their family and friends who came to cheer them on, and this generated tons of positive publicity for our area in addition to stimulating the economy. I want that for our area again, and I want to spotlight married women this time around!

With summer rapidly approaching and my schedule at school thereby lightening (I'm still teaching summer school so I'm not COMPLETELY free!), I'm drawing up some proverbial blueprints to make a local competition happen. Starting small, I just posted on my Facebook about the actual name of the title. Thanks to ALL who offered feedback! What I've determined is that in order to reach the greatest number of folks possible, Mrs. Greater Lehigh COUNTY will be a more appropriate title. A short geography lesson: "Greater" in the title means that any resident in any county touching Lehigh on the map could participate; that includes Northampton, Carbon, Schuylkill, Berks, Montgomery, and Bucks. Since I am a stickler for specified boundaries and can more easily put a number on potential contestants using that specification, MRS. GREATER LEHIGH COUNTY it is! HURRAH! Step one (of fourteen million) is complete!

So now what? I'm meeting with a few leaders in the area who organize similar events to get a sense of how to go about doing this. In the interim time, I am researching venues, potential sponsors, associated costs, etc. Throughout the process, I'll be asking all of you: Who are the beautiful, well-rounded, married women you know? Is one of them you? Will YOU be the next Mrs. Greater Lehigh County? PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me if you see what I'm doing and think to yourself, "Hey! That could be me!"

Dream big,

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