Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a while and that is because I am working feverishly (literally--the temp is 100.6 right now) to lay more groundwork for the tournament. I've also gotten back into the full swing of things with school, which makes juggling the schedule a little tougher.

Nonetheless, I am making progress and felt I'd keep everyone updated by posting my "done" list, as well what I've yet to-do.

  1. Submitted proposal to Dick's Sporting Goods for raffle grand prize of a Diablo Driver, as well as six gift cards for special contest winners--awaiting response
  2. Submitted proposal to Golf Galaxy for raffle prize of three lessons, as well as six gift cards for special contest winners (see how I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket!)--awaiting response
  3. Submitted inquiry to Aardvark Sports Shop, Schuylkill Valley Sports, and Sports Authority regarding proposal process for donations/sponsorships--awaiting response
  4. Secured raffle prizes from GolfTEC, Sunsations Tanning Salon & Boutique, SaraLiz Photography, Kuhnsville Car Wash, Body Elite Personal Training, and Center Valley Club
  5. Submitted volunteer event agreement to Operation Smile headquarters, allowing permission to use logo on promotional materials--approved!

  1. Make up in-kind donation receipts for donors
  2. Create flyers and post in Golf Galaxy, GolfTEC, Dick's, Center Valley Club, Aardvark, Sports Authority, Schuykill Valley, Sunsations, Kuhnsville Car Wash, & Body Elite.
  3. Make up a sponsorship request letter and submit to Emeril's Chophouse & Shula's Steakhouse.
  4. Create a registration form.
  5. Obtain promotional materials for sponsor bags, once donations are secured
  6. Gather Operation Smile info for sponsor bags, including before/after patient stories, fact sheet, and interest form for prospective volunteers for an Operation Smile Lehigh Valley chapter.
So as you can see, things are moving forward pretty steadily. I've also been blessed with some wonderful volunteers who will help me with registration and collection for pot of gold, mulligans, and raffles the day of the tournament. Nonetheless, if you don't necessarily want to golf but still would enjoy a nice day out, feel free to contact me--I will find something for you to do! :)

Click here to visit my OneSmile page and donate now!

Dream big,

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  1. Have you considered approaching Lehigh to see if they'd like to get involved/help in any way? Just a suggestion!



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